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Facilities Management

Integrating People, Systems, Place, Process, and Technology

EBL has extensive experience in documenting existing systems, understanding systems performance and operations, sophisticated designs, and management of projects under construction to assist our clients in the management of their facilities. From inventorying equipment to assisting in setting up Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), we work with the client to ensure that systems are operating as efficiently as possible and as intended during their design.

Inspection Services

Our inspection services are used for facility assessments, witness testing, commissioning and other studies. We use physical inspection as well as technologies like infrared thermal imaging to get the most complete information concerning the facilities.


  • Utility Master Planning
  • Documentation of Existing Systems and Equipment including Bar-Coding
  • Comprehensive Maintenance Master Plans
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Retro-Commissioning
  • Technical Assistance in Making Business and Financial Decisions
  • Life Cycle Cost Analyses
  • Emergency Preparedness Plans
  • Risk Analysis (in conjunction with our Fire Protection Division)
  • Project Management
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