NPS Fire Protection Condition Assessments

Client:National Park Service
Project:Fire Protection Condition Assessments (Nationwide)

Project Information

EBL's experience with performing Fire Protection Condition Assessments for the National Park Service is extensive. We have conducted surveys in over 200 national parks. 

Our inspections and visual field surveys have taken us into almost every conceivable building occupancy that exists within the National Park Service inventory of buildings, representing over 2500 buildings and 13 million SF. We have surveyed many of these structures year over year for over 25 years.

For every site, we generated an executive summary, 7-page code evaluation checklist, an occupancy specific checklist and hydrant waterflow testing/water supply evaluation. From these checklists, specific code deficiencies were generated for each building, as well as, overall park water supply deficiencies (if applicable). Those deficiencies were entered into a database maintained by the Structure Fire Program in Boise, ID. In addition, Class C estimates of probable construction cost were assigned to relevant deficiencies.

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