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Energy Conservation

Renewable Solutions

EBL takes an active role in promoting energy conservation on all of our projects and are thoroughly familiar with energy analysis and life cycle costing procedures. We have a long history in applying renewable energy/resource technologies in projects.

LEED Design

We have LEED accredited professionals who have addressed LEED requirements for a variety of projects. Our work on the NIST Net Zero Energy Residential Test Facility, LEED Platinum Certified, won the 2014 ACEC Engineering Excellence Award.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

We have considerable experience working in partnership with ESCOs (Energy Service Companies). All of these projects have centered on the replacement and improvement of existing equipment and building systems. We complete an evaluation of energy conservation measures and life cycle cost analysis, along with computer modeling to determine energy usage baselines. Subsequently, we design improvements or replacements to be constructed by the ESCO. Our team provides the full spectrum of solutions from analysis and design to financing and construction administration.


  • Desiccant Cooling/Dehumidification Systems
  • Process Heat Recovery Systems
  • Campus Thermal Distribution Optimization
  • Non-Electric Driven Chillers
  • Thermal Storage
  • Occupancy Controlled Lighting
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Energy Audits
  • LEED Design and Evaluation
  • Solar projects, Photovoltaic and Thermal
  • Geothermal
  • Steam Systems
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts
  • Wind and Hydroelectric Power Generation
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