Dundalk Marine Terminal Fumigation Facility

Client:Wallenius Wilhelsen Logistics
Project:Dundalk Marine Terminal Fumigation Facility

Project Information

Our client for this project was a global shipping corporation with a significant presence in the Port of Baltimore. Due to international environmental shipping regulations, the client was required to fumigate all cargo bound for New Zealand and Australia in order to kill any stink bugs present on that cargo.

The challenge was to eradicate stink bugs, which have a size of about 5/8 of an inch, from the cargo, which was comprised of equipment where each piece weighed multiple tons. The solution included creating a fumigation structure that the cargo would pass through before being loaded on a ship.

EBL was tasked with providing engineering support services for the design of the fumigation exhaust system, controls for managing airflow extraction rates from the building, the heating system to maintain minimum 50°F air temperature, electrical power for the system, foundations for the equipment pad and an 80' high exhaust stack.

This project received the Australian BioSecurity award and an ACEC/MD Honor award.

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