EBL is proud to have paid a key role in the design and implementation of the dedicated fumigation facility at the Port of Baltimore. 

If we were to ask you what a Halyomorpha halys was, would you know?   If you were asked what a stink bug was, would you know?  Of course you would, those little stinkers have been a huge nuisance to the entire area.  EBL is extremely proud to be part of the solution to keep this pest, and many others, away from other nations. 

Our client for this project, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL), constructed a dedicated facility at the Port of Baltimore Dundalk Marine Terminal for the purposes of fumigation and EBL is proud to have played a key role in the design and implementation of this system.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics is a global shipping corporation, with a significant presence at the Port of Baltimore.  Their primary shipping cargo is heavy agricultural equipment, construction equipment and vehicles shipped from the Dundalk Marine Terminal, many of which are shipped to New Zealand and Australia.   Due to fear of insect infestation, New Zealand and Australia developed, implemented and and began strictly enforcing inbound cargo inspections, which resulted in significant delays in shipping to the region.   WWL made the decision to invest in and operate their own fumigation facility at the port of Baltimore, allowing them to better serve their clientele and eliminate port inspection delays. 

In order to efficiently stage, fumigate, and load cargo onto docked ships, a 75' x 350', fabric covered light truss arch structure was selected and constructed to house the fumigation facility.   Within 96 hours of ship loading, the facility is filled with equipment, heated to the target temperature and then fumigated.  After the requisite fumigation period and prior to moving equipment to the ship, the fumigant (sulfurly fluoride) must be evacuated from the facility.  Local environmental and occupational codes require that the fumigant be discharged at a controlled rate to prevent exposure to port workers and the surrounding community.   EBL Engineers provided engineering support services for the design of the exhaust system, controls for managing the rate of fumigant extraction, heating systems for maintaining target temperatures, electrical power for the system, foundations for the equipment pad and a fumigant exhaust stack. 

The project presented a unique set of challenges and a short timeline in which to engineer and construct the facility and systems.   Due to a lack of clear guidance for sulfuryl fluoride fumigation facilities, the design process for this project required a collaborative and iterative approach to ensure a best fit solution.   Working in conjunction with the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE), EA Engineering Science and Technology and the Maryland Port Administration, EBL was able to engineer a solution that met the environmental, physical, financial and time constraints of all entities involved.  The premise of the system design was to provide a custom solution utilizing readily available commercial components to insure the facility could be made operational on schedule.

The new state-of-the-art fumigation facility has played a key role in Gov. Larry Hogan announcing a new 30-year contract between the Maryland Department of Transportation’s Maryland Port Administration and the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore’s top roll on/roll off customer, global shipping and logistics giant Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL).  The recent announcement was made inside the fumigation structure…  “Our entire administration is committed to making Maryland more business friendly, and today we add WWL to our state’s growing list of business success stories,” said Governor Hogan. “This new contract, tying WWL’s success to that of the Port of Baltimore for the next three decades, will support nearly 1,000 jobs here in Maryland and is a ringing endorsement of the strength and importance of this partnership.”


December, 2015     

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