EBL Fire Engineering provides design and consulting services for fire protection, life safety and code interpretation and compliance. Our team of fire protection engineers and designers provide a full battery/range of services, from basic design and consultation to intricate design challenges, to assure the safe functionality of a diverse array of structures and industrial processes. EBL's expertise is sought by government agencies, facility managers, architects and engineers, code officials, developers, attorneys and installation contractors for a myriad of project types including: medical/health care, historic preservation, hazardous materials/munitions, laboratories, aircraft hangars, correctional facilities, industrial complexes and office buildings.

EBL Engineers' fire protection division is staffed with licensed fire protection engineers specifically trained in risk analysis, hazard assessment and the design of fire protection and detection systems. These professionals integrate fire, building, Life Safety Code® and International Building Code® requirements to produce compliant program and design solutions.

Studies and Consulting Services
Fire Protection Design Services
Construction Administration
Specialized Fire Protection Services
  1. Technical Investigations
  2. Report of Findings
  3. Expert Witness and Consultant Services
  4. Exhibit Preparation
  5. Computer Fire Modeling
  1. Computer Fire Modeling
  2. Inspection and Acceptance Testing
  3. Design Criteria Development
  4. Mechanical and Electrical System Support
  1. Pre-purchase/Lease Surveys
  2. Fire Protection Condition Assessments
  3. SFO Surveys
  4. Fire Safety Evaluation System
  5. Due Diligence Surveys
  6. Fire Protection Master Plans
  1. Plan Review Services
  2. Special Hazard Assessments
  3. Code Equivalencies
  4. Due Diligence Surveys
  5. Fire Protection Condition Assessments
  6. SFO Surveys
  7. Computer Fire Modeling
  8. Performance Based Design
  1. Fire Testing Support
  2. Fire Flow Testing and Analysis
  3. Fire Pump Testing
  1. Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Programs
  2. NFPA 25 Inspection Programs
  3. Computer-based Inspection Programs
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Code Consulting

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Updated Jan 28, 2014

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